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About ThunderMove

Thunder move started from a humble beginning, when Kevin was a University student who tried so many different part-time jobs to make a living while looking for his future career path as most young men do. At the very starts, Kevin was criticized by how skinny he looked and customers always want removalists who is big and muscular and who seems could carry one sofa with single hand. However, Kevin believed that moving is not just about carrying heavy stuff from one point to another; there are so much more about it. It is about using strength, skills, knowledge and professional customer service to hear what is the personal situation of a customer and come up with a strategic plan to help the customer move all the things in a money saving and efficient way. So that customer would be ensured to have a pleasant moving experiences and happy to recommend this moving company to friends and families. Slowly, customers started to notice he was different; he cares about their furniture, he never late for jobs, he was friendly and polite, he was putting himself in their shoes and genuinely think about what they needed! Customers think about Kevin every time they want to move their home, as they know they would be in good hands.

On the other hand, Kevin believe in loving what he did was critical to provide a good service as that was what kept him going in burning hot summer days and that was what puts a smile on his face when he goes to work. However, at that time, his previous employers would always focus on how many jobs he could possibly get in one day and longer working hours per job. Kevin would not agree on that approach at all so he starting thinking about starting his own moving company. He needs to find someone who has the same believe to starting his business.

He wants to make sure all workers are happy and proud about what they do and passionate about helping customers to solve their problems. All the jobs are fully insured for any kind of incidents. Customers should be treated friendly and responsibly from the initial consultation. Removalists should be well trained with skills to handle all kinds of moving professionally, and always keep a can-do attitude while working. And more importantly, constant learning is essential; Kevin wants to know customers’ suggestions and thoughts when the every job is done.

In 2012, Kevin finally started his moving company, over the years; he recruited a wonderful crew who share the same dream as he did. More importantly ThunderMove established good relationship with customers and business started growing more and more quickly.

At ThunderMove, we promise that: we will be there on time! We will look after your furniture as our own! We will be quick as Thunder!

We will be reliable as your family! We never charge more than promised!

We will look after your complaints and needs even when the job is done!

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